Sheffield-based company Proteus Media Group is home to a selection of talented and experienced professionals including: 

  • graphic designers

  • photographers

  • animators

  • video producers

  • e-learning designers

  • content writers

  • web developers

  • qualified teachers

As a company, we are inquisitive and excel by immersing ourselves into our client’s world. We enjoy partnering with a variety of clients (both corporate and independent) and thrive when working on projects across a wide variety of sectors that offer us different challenges and objectives. 


We aim to positively change the landscape of graphic design and education services, and truly believe in our motto: ‘Thinking differently, inspiring excellence’. We believe that quality a education service and disability resources can be reasonably priced, and work tirelessly to guarantee each product we create is of a premium standard

Our name is taken from Greek Mythology’s prophetic sea-god Proteus. The adjective ‘protean’ has the meaning of ‘versatile’ or ‘changeable in shape or form’, and carries positive undertones of flexibility, versatility and adaptability - all traits that we are proud to live by.


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Proteus Media Group Ltd, a registered company limited by shares, which is registered in England & Wales under company number 12089513. 

Registered office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London. WC2H 9JQ

VAT registered: 329 0147 17