Thinking differently, inspiring excellence


Proteus Media Group is a Sheffield based creative agency formed by a team of experienced professionals who specialise in graphic design, video production and script writing. We pride ourselves on excellence, and are passionate about helping others to achieve their design-based goals.

Our name is taken from Greek Mythology’s prophetic sea-god Proteus. The adjective ‘protean’ has the meaning of ‘versatile’ or ‘changeable in shape or form’, and carries positive undertones of flexibility, versatility and adaptability - all traits that form the basis of our company’s core values.

As a Group, we are inquisitive and excel by immersing ourselves into our client’s world. We enjoy partnering with a variety of clients (businesses, community groups and individuals) and thrive when working on projects across a wide variety of sectors that offer us different challenges and objectives.


We truly believe in our motto: ‘Thinking differently, inspiring excellence’. We believe that a quality service can be reasonably priced, and work tirelessly to guarantee each solution that we offer is of a premium standard.

Our services include:


Graphic design

Bespoke digital and printed graphic design products that really delivers.



We specialise in: party invitations, posters, branded products, t-shirts, corporate stationery, leaflets and/or brochures.

Video production

Whilst a picture maybe worth 1000 words, a video is worth a million. We are specialists in producing professional multi-purpose videos.


We specialise in: explainer videos, presentations, promotional videos, advertisements, event recording and videos for social media.


Website development

Allow us to help you with one of our professionally produced website and social media packages.

We specialise in: blog writing, corporate websites, portfolios, community forums, booking services, ecommerce, social media and fan sites.

people we've worked with: